Category : INTENSE-TBM | Date : Fév 1, 2021

First sites opened in Ivory Coast and Madagascar

On 29 January and 2 February 2021, the ANRS, sponsor of the ANRS 12398 INTENSE-TBM trial, granted authorisations for the start of inclusion in Madagascar and Ivory Coast.

After many months of fruitful and intense preparation of the trial in the 4 countries in which it will be held, the opening visits took place in the first 2 sites.

In Madagascar, given the sanitary context, our international monitor, Mr. Brice Yapi, conducted a remote visit, successfully taking advantage of the videoconferencing tools installed on mobile devices. It was almost as if we were there !

In Ivory Coast, the visit could be done in a more conventional face-to-face format.

In both countries, research centres, hospital units and labs were visited, demonstrating the availability of SOPs, folders, access to online tools, operating equipement, etc…

Thanks to the promoter’s great availability, the authorisations were delivered the day after the visits.
We are now looking forward to the first inclusion with great enthusiasm.

Ivory Coast