Category : INTENSE-TBM | Date : Sep 5, 2022

INTENSE-TBM 6th General Assembly

On 5 September 2022, the 6th General Assembly of the INTENSE-TBM project was held in Bordeaux, France. Led by the project coordinator Professor Fabrice Bonnet, it brought together 30 participants, including 3 international external experts for a fruitful discussion about inclusions, informed consent, SOPs or events validation.

It was also the opportunity for the consortium to meet in person for the second time since the beginning of the projet in 2019.

The General Assembly is the decisional body of the Projet. It makes sure that the Project is implemented properly according to the initial Project Plan, not only scientifically but also clinically
and ethically, and taking into account the required adjustments when need be.
It ensures the correct implementation of the Project and compliance with the protocol and the Standard Operational Procedure of the Sponsor. It identifies strategic opportunities in a timeline shaping the scientific side of the Project.
It keeps contact with the Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) and will make sure that investigators and other trial personnel have access to up‐to‐date information.