Category : EVENTS | Date : Août 14, 2020

March & August 2020 – Infection Prevention and Control Training

2-6 March 2020 and 10-14 August 2020

53 clinicians and health care workers involved in the INTENSE-TBM clinical trial participated in the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) training provided by the Infection Control African Network (ICAN).

Two 5-day training sessions were performed. The first session for French-speaking countries was conducted in Ivory Coast and Madagascar from 2-6th March 2020. The second session for English-speaking countries was conducted in South Africa and Uganda from 10 to 14th August 2020.

This training was part of the Work package 2 – Capacity building activities.

Infection prevention and control (IPC) is a scientific approach and practical solution designed to prevent harm caused by infection to patients and health workers. It is grounded in infectious diseases, epidemiology, social science and health system strengthening. IPC occupies a unique position in the field of patient safety and quality universal health coverage since it is relevant to health workers and patients at every single health-care encounter (WHO definition).

ICAN promotes and facilitates the establishment of infection control programs, achievement and maintenance of infection reduction, including healthcare associate infections. ICAN promotes antimicrobial stewardship activities through education by working with infection prevention structures in Africa and other International health related associations.